run by a fox, for people

My name is lux (preferably non-capitalized), or Amelia. I am 20-something year-old computer science PhD student with too many things on my mind, too many computers in my hands, and so little time to do anything. I use they/them, it/its and she/her pronouns in English (order of preference). In French, I use æl and elle as pronouns (order of preference).

When I pretend to be human, I try to make operating systems' networks faster (or, at least, less frustrating). In general, I think being human is overhyped.

I spend the better part of my free time being a silly little fox (online, and, to an extent, IRL). I still carry around a semi professional-looking, semi human identity as Lymkwi, mostly for tech projects and such.

Portrait of a green anthropomorphic fox with purple hair and pink tips, smiling at the viewer. In the background, non-binary and bisexual flags are depicted

Portrait of my fursona, by me, 2021 (CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0)
Forgejo (furry)
Forgejo (human)